Boxel Worms is the most fun and addicting Worm Game ever, in 3D! Customize your Boxel Worm with personalized Eyes, Facewear, Mouths, Skins, Hair, and Colors. Earn coins to weaponize, dress, and defend your worm. Eat and get bigger. Become the best Boxel Worm player and win prizes! Tournaments, Survivor, mass multiplayer, Engaging & fun 3D maps, hidden tunnels, jumps, anti-gravity, Boxel Worms flying in the sky, and more. Enjoy filtered family friendly chat, full 3D camera pivot control, beautiful Boxel Worm twists, rolls, & Spins. Take mini videos to share your epic Boxel Worm matches, size, and gear with friends..

  • Created by our own Family Team and a Dedicated Developer friend.
  • Beautiful illustrated artwork throughout the game to interact with.
  • Open to user-generated maps (blender & Unity3D).

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